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I am a management level analyst offering over fifteen years of software development and analytical experience within several business areas including Accounting, Finance, Customer Service, Sales/Marketing, Outsourcing, Telecoms and IT. This is my personal blog to cover Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Database Design and Development, Microsoft SQL Server and multiple development languages/packages; T-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, JQuery and Qlikview.

A little while ago I talked about creating an automatic refresh in Qlikview….STOP! There is a better way in my opinion at least. Rather than setting up reload script and having the entire page reload (ugly white page refresh anyone?), we can simply use the elementFromPoint() method with a HTML DOM click(), setting the X and
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Automatic Refresh and maintain open Session in Ajax

By default, QlikView Server will terminate inactive sessions based upon various settings in the QlikView Management Console. However, there may be situations where one needs to maintain a session, without user interaction. One example would be presenting information on a display in an office, a show booth, or a manufacturing floor. This article provides an
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Tried using ‘Not Like’ or ‘<>’ in your Qlikview loaders. Don’t bother as it doesn’t work! Wild match is the only replacement for like in Qlikview and is actually more advantageous as it allows multiple wild ‘likes’ in the same statement as below.



Do you find UPSERT in MYSQL useful? Would you like to do this in SQL Server (MS-SQL)? Well, sorry it doesn’t exist per se… 🙁 However, what SQL Server does have is the MERGE command introduced in 2008. Normally when you want to INSERT a row to a table if it does not exist or
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Managing Scheduled Reports

SQL Reporting Services has come a long way since 2000, but there are still plenty of ways it can be improved to benefit the end user the DBA.  Manually initiating a subscription is a tedious task in SQL Server Reporting Services. Each subscription in Reporting Services is setup as a SQL Server Agent job, but
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