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This is a trading-card-game of skirmishes between rival factions based upon the popular Daemornia RPG. It is played between two or more players each using a deck of cards; depicting creatures, territories, attachments and events. Through careful deployment and a degree of tactical thinking the objective is to destroy your opponents Capital.


You've just created an account and now what? For starters its probably best to familiarise yourself with the basics in the guide. You will find all your account details; profile, cards, decks etc in the Profile links at the top of the website. Every new account gets a starter pack from the core set with a good selection of cards and enough coins to buy a booster pack from the store or to spend in the market.

Sounds good? You can always visit the Arena to start a quick game!

Campaign Development
Further into our campaign development:

If you take a territory from another faction there is a chance that you will win a random card from that faction or neutral from the deck you won against, and this is for each opponent you beat!. 

Also as part of this development, when any game now ends you will be presented with a screen displaying our your rewards!

As it is possible to win up to three cards in a campaign this way (good luck with that!) the screen will no longer redirect you to the arena automatically, but you will be given a button to hit, should you want to read your cards first
Daily Hunts
As we progress towards a replacement for the achievements system I'd like to throw another idea around; Daily Hunts

Each player will be presented with a list of creature or territories to kill in that day that will be randomly generated from all available cards.  For example, a player could be tasked with hunting down 5 Dark Fanatics, 3 Mutant Mobs and 1 Astral Walker.  When a players manages to kill all the cards in a set they will win one of those cards? So killing 3 mutant mobs will reward a single mutant mob?


Game music, sounds and animations
We now have some game music, sounds and animations live in the battles. There are also some switches on your game controls so you can toggle these on or off.
Dark Angel
reviewed by FastByte
This fella is great really costly and not really stong but Vigilant and siege plus the fact that he is flying make him really valuable in taking down the enemy capital.
Mechanical is really annoying tho. The fact tha you can´t assingn any attachments to it is sometimes a downer so in a mass creature deck he can be the top of the food chain but if you want to fight with attachments he just dosn´t fit in your deck!
votes4 votes
1 comment  forum_replies
reviewed by FastByte
The Basic Capital of the Impeials
nothing positive nothing negative no effects it´s just plain and fits into every Deck Set-Up.
votes3 votes
1 comment  forum_replies